I have not listened to the podcast, but I have watched easily over 100 of their videos. I found the book summaries especially helpful. The video summary of Leviticus I think did a great job of presenting the sacrificial system and what it meant to the original audience. They also say repeatedly that they believe the Bible is one unified story that points to Jesus. Others may not agree with that, but they are responsible enough to make it clear that is their perspective. There are certainly a number of parallels one can make between the sacrificial system and Jesus' self-sacrifice on the cross, though I never believed that is what the author(s) of Leviticus had in mind at the time.

In the podcast, did they first explain what the sacrificial system and priesthood meant in its original context and then say why they believe it pointed to Jesus, or did they just jump straight to the latter? I think that is the difference between building an argument for your perspective and imposing your perspective.


David Anderson is a blogger, award-winning author, bible geek, and novice crypto investor. https://almostordained.medium.com/membership

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